VIAE represents our origins, who we are and where we come from.

For more than 2000 years, the VIAEs built by the ancient Romans, about 100,000 kilometers of paved and safe roads that started from Rome and that allowed the transit of two wagons at the same time, are a work of extraordinary engineering that have contributed to the development of civilization, not only in the world of that time, but also in more modern times, since those VIAEs are the basis of the current road network.

The VIAE contributed to SHARING, the development of culture, the encounter between peoples. Those stones that were laid side by side, cemented together, created something unique and concrete, so much so that they still resist the passage of time today. The VIAE were the fruit of the unity of intent of the builders. The experience and skills of each of them was essential to achieve the goal.

3 VIAE create an important bond in our winery:


The “Regina Viarum”, the Queen of the streets. Built in 312 BC by the Consul Appio Claudio, it is the oldest of the Roman consular roads that connects Rome to Benevento, passing through the Roman Hills, from Lanuvio, where our Lazio factory is located.


Which connects Rome with Ariminum (Rimini)


A continuation of the Via Flaminia, built in 187 BC. , which connects Rimini with Bonomia (Bologna), passing through Forum Cornelii (Imola), where our main factory is located.

The VIAE are our origins and for over 70 years the essence of our winery, the CAVIM.


The meeting of the VIAE of life of 400 Producers united in the Passion for wine, by the love for our land, who with simplicity and concreteness have come together to create quality products.

The set of many life experiences, where each producer tells a story, an ancient flavor, historical vines that extend over more than 1000 hectares of vineyards.

A winery in which 20 to 30 million kg of native and local grapes converge.

The desire to share a healthy, territorial wine, the result of cutting-edge processing and vinification, able to ensure a constant quantity and quality over time and which contributes to the joy and pleasure of enjoying a good glass of wine with our friends.


4 settembre 1951
9 produttori della zona di Imola fondano la Cantina Sociale Cooperativa di Sasso Morelli. Produzione: 650.000 litri.


Cantina Sociale Cooperativa di Sasso Morelli raggiunge i 52 soci e 2.700.000 kg di uve lavorate; Produzione: 2.160.000 litri.


16 gennaio 1961
14 produttori della zona di tra Castel San Pietro Terme e Medicina fondano la Cantina Cooperativa di San Biagio. Uva lavorata: 3.334.000 kg.


Cantina Sociale Cooperativa di Sasso Morelli raggiunge i 160 soci. Produzione: 12.000.000 litri circa.


29 giugno 1992
Nascita di Cavim dalla fusione della Cantina Sociale Cooperativa di Sasso Morelli e della Cantina Cooperativa di San Biagio. Soci: 210; Uva lavorata: 21.600.300 kg.


Inizio lavori di ampliamento del nuovo stabilimento, portandolo da 3.000 a 6.000 i metri quadri di estensione.


Completamento dei lavori di ampliamento.


Entrano nella cooperativa 30 soci conferitori della Regione Lazio


L'uva dei soci del Lazio per la prima volta viene lavorata su territorio di appartenenza


Totale Soci Cavim: 414; Uva lavorata 25.000.000 kg; produzione: 20.000.000 litri di vino

The CAVIM family

Maurizio Baldisserri


Andrea Bofondi

Vice president

Matteo Vingione

General manager

Armando Nobili

Lanuvio Plant Director

Samuele Lullo

Production manager

Monia Piatesi

Quality manager

Cinzia Gordini

Store Manager